​"Thread of Consciousness" A Personal Conversation Through Shared Creativity

Partner-artists, Michiko Kato and Gerald Jawaria-Robinson, collaborate (formerly as "Privat and Primat,") to produce alternating individual images. Each has full discretion over which key elements he or she will adopt from the preceding work of the other artist. These are combined with new elements, their own visceral reactions, and a sense of continuity, to form the basis for the next new entry in the series. The result is that each stimulates and motivates the other's creativity and this often sends them in wholly unexpected directions. A natural momentum is produced as they strive to surprise themselves and one another. 


G. Jawaria [l.] and M. Kato [r.]

TIKAL NATIONAL PARK, [Mayan archaeological site, Guatemala]

Aside from a handful of publicly available images borrowed from the NASA space agency, all of the photographic source materials used in the 'Thread of Consciousness' series are original image captures by the artists themselves. They consider the overall transformation from image to image to be a metaphor for the way in which a lifetime unfolds before each being's wondering eyes, in the same sense that "Time" invariably changes every personal landscape to unrecognizability but also maintains a thread of continuity by which each new moment is undertstood to arise from that which has gone before.


M. Kato [l.] and G. Jawaria [r.] exhibit the "Thread of Consciousness" full-series at THE OTHER ART FAIR 2017, NYC

Michiko Kato studied Visual Presentation & Exhibit Design at Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC [USA] and is also a practicing medical doctor.

Gerald Jawaria-Robinson studied both Interior Design and International Trade & Marketing at Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC [USA] and is a practitioner-level member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID.) Additionally, he is author of "The Primate: Notes to a Future Self," a book of personal philosophy and guidance, and Gen-Ops Director of G7 Microventures, LLC, a New York City based design, photography and life-arts hub.